It’s up to people like you to get involved

I write in reply to the letter from Mr Mullen regarding Fresh Start (Mercury letters, January 31).

Although I don’t know the said “Mr Mullen” who I have never met or had any encounter with, I find it hard to comprehend some of his statements regarding Fresh Start.

Mr Mullen made it sound as though Fresh Start had one agenda and he sounds quite biased due to his perhaps political sway, but can I just clarify the following as to what Fresh start is proud to stand by.

Darley Dale In Bloom- we are now into the second year.

It’s community inclusive and there for anyone to get involved with.

How about it, not seen you there Mr Mullen.

Memory Lane - for older people this group provides Social Inclusion for older Adults on a monthly basis and increasing in attendees. How about it Mr Mullen....not seen you there.

Youth club, older and younger children...nope not seen you there.

But, seeing as you are so concerned, there is the Neighbourhood Plan up and coming and its up to people such as you Mr Mullen to get involved.

I was elected as a Fresh Start Councillor and previously a Community Volunteer for Darley Dale.

I stand by the Principles of Fresh Start and advocate representing the voters’ views.

That means being true to what you stand for and don’t adhere to the “WIFM” Factor (what’s in it for me) as you insinuate.

This only scratches surface as to the forward planning and thinking Town Council that always has an open door.

Cllr Di Cliff

Fresh Start

Darley Dale