It was never a cost saving

As the Labour and main opposition on Derbyshire Dales District Council, I would like to reassure your readers and all residents of Derbyshire Dales that the Waste Management Contract that has been embarked on by Derbyshire Dales District Council was never a cost cutting exercise.

A new contract was needed and an opportunity to improve waste collection for residents was taken which will give value for money, increased recycling, and reduced waste going to landfill; these were upper most in the process.

I fully support Cllr Rose’s letter to you and would endorse his comments about the time, effort and resources given to the contract process.

This was based on quality and value for money for residents, and a concern for our environment was foremost in the decisions made by all members and officers. Essential criteria were: a weekly collection of separated food waste; improved kerb side collection that increased recycling particularly to those residents who are not able to have a wheelie bin and are on a black bag collection; to keep the assisted collection for those residents that cannot bring their waste to the kerb side; good communication to residents from the council about the new service.

At no time within the scope of the contract was cutting cost entered into.

Savings made was due to the work done by the council’s officers, the value of some of the recycled materials and the competition of providers.

A budget is set aside to enable the council to communicate to residents the changes that the majority of members voted in favour. So wait for your information pack to come through your door in the summer.

Read it and if you have a problem the council will have set up the helpline.

The council has tried to cover improvements to the majority of residents but there are bound to be some difficulties for some residents, with the range of waste and collection bins that we now need to prevent an unnecessary amount going into landfill.

Many residents say they want councillors to work together for the common good, well we have and I hope that we have got the balance right over the life of this contract.

You can always contact your councillor if you feel that they have got it wrong or the service we aimed for is not being provided.

Cllr Irene Ratcliffe

Bolehill, Middleton & Wirksworth Ward