Jacamo’s autumn range fills the gap superbly for the bigger fella

Reporter Jon Cooper reviews Jacamo's latest range of jeans for autumn including this pair of Black Stretch Skinny Jeans.

As quite a tall chap I am surely not alone among fellow long-prongs who struggle to get the right length of jeans to match the waist size.

So often accommodating short-legged jeans to fit the waist or tightening the belt on a baggy waist to ensure I am not walking around with cold ankles and exposed socks is the norm.

Reporter Jon Cooper reviews Jacamo's latest range of jeans for autumn this pair of Wrangler Texas Stretch Jeans.

Never mind the disappointment at not being able to enjoy the latest fashion styles but Jacamo’s stores and online clothes retail business has well and truly filled the gap if you forgive the choice of words.

Their latest range of jeans for autumn fit perfectly and provide a range of styles that can be enjoyed regardless of size.

I have to agree that with sizes from Small to 5XL available it doesn’t matter if you’re a big, short, tall wide or any shaped man Jacamo does have the fit and the style for any occasion.

First off, skinny jeans would normally be uncharted waters for me but Jacamo’s Black Stretch Skinny Jeans do more than tick the box with a fit that means I no longer have to settle for the most untrendy but comfortable jeans available.

Reporter Jon Cooper reviews Jacamo's latest range of jeans for autumn Jacamo Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans.

These are fabulous, trendy threads and do not break the bank at only £25 and I would encourage any nervous shoppers to have a stab at these across the wide range of sizes available and I think they will be pleasantly surprised.

Jacamo’s Wrangler Texas Stretch Jeans at £60 are a more traditional fit but this brand stands the test of time and always looks great with a little more breathing room than the skinny jeans.

The Jacamo Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans at just £30 are super cool and even though Jacamo accommodates all shapes the fashionistas can’t make me ten or 15 years younger so I can’t totally get away with these.

But they are still going to get an outing for parties and the occasional rock concerts involving ageing bands.

However, for the younger Jacamo customer I expect these jeans to fly off the shelves.

Lastly, the Flintoff jeans by Jacamo Selvedge Jeans at £45 look great on former England cricket star Freddie Flintoff and are perfect for the bigger fella and will still bowl you over at any size.

Jacamo offers a superb range of clothing from suits to jackets and tops and if the latest available jeans are anything to go by all their products are well worth a wider look.

Visit www.jacamo.co.uk to locate your nearest store or to order goods online.

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