Joker Jack set for Westminster final

Voice box joke finalist Jack Johnson
Voice box joke finalist Jack Johnson

A budding young comedian from Ripley has earned 
himself a place in the grand final of a national joke-telling competition at Westminster.

Jack Johnson, six, a year 3 
pupil at Swanwick Primary School, impressed enough in the regional heats of the competition to see his joke sent off to the Royal College of Speech and Language 
Therapists which decided that he merited a place in the Voice Box final at Speaker’s House, Westminster on Monday, March 17.

The young joker is set to be handed the mammoth task of making a panel of politicians and one of the country’s top comedians howl with laughter.

The event will be hosted by Speaker of the House of 
Commons John Bercow while well-renowned funny-man Lee Mack will make up part of the judging panel on the big day.

The joke that earned Jack both huge laughs and a place in the final was as follows:

‘There was a mummy 
balloon, daddy balloon and a baby balloon, they all slept in the same bed. Daddy balloon said, “You’ll have to sleep in your own bed now, you’re too big.

Baby balloon didn’t want to sleep in his own bed so in the middle of the night he went into mummy and daddy’s bedroom and tried to get into bed, but he couldn’t fit. So he let some air out of his dad, but he still couldn’t fit. Then he let some air out of his mum but he still couldn’t fit, so he let loads of air out of himself.

In the morning his dad said, “You didn’t just let me down, you let your mum down, but most of all you let yourself down!’

Headteacher of 
Swanwick Primary School Meryl 
Hannant spoke of her pride that Jack has made it this far: It’s an absolutely marvellous opportunity for Jack. He’s a bright, confident young boy and we’re all incredibly proud of him.

“He bowled us over in the school competition. We were expecting one of the older children to come up with the winning joke, so for Jack to be the one to stand up in front of the whole school and have us all laughing was brilliant.

“Everyone here at Swanwick Primary will be keeping a close eye on the competition cheering on Jack all the way!”