‘Jolly Lolly’ of Old Whittington

A lively lollipop man is raising smiles with his dedication to dancing on the job.

Alan Filbee has become something of a local celebrity thanks to his road-side jive, which sees him entertaining passers by with his toe-tapping tricks.

Twice a day, come rain, shine, snow or gale, the 43-year-old crossing patrol officer can be seen boogying away on High Street, Old Whittington in between helping youngsters across the busy stretch.

“If you wake up, it is going to be a good day” said Alan, of Old Whittington. “It doesn’t matter if it is cold or it is raining, you get up and make that day what you want it to be.

“I love making people happy. The best part of the job is getting the kids across safely, but if I can make people happy while I am doing it, that’s a bonus.”

The routine started when dad-of-one Alan was working in the cold and started to dance to warm up. “It just took off from there. It makes me feel good and hopefully it makes others feel good too.”

His fans show their appreciation with a toot of their horn and a wave. But they may be surprised to learn Alan – whose antics have earnt him the nickname Jolly Lolly – is extremely shy.

“I was so nervous when I first started four years ago” he said. “I am still nervous sometimes, but I like it when I see people waving. I think it is brilliant. When I see people waving happily, that’s better to me than West Ham winning the FA cup!”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council, said: “It’s great to see that the local community has taken their school crossing patrol officer so much to heart.”

For a video of Alan, visit www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk