Joy for Daniela as she avoids spine op

No op required: Daniela Wright has avoided major surgery on her spine
No op required: Daniela Wright has avoided major surgery on her spine

A cross country runner has avoided major spinal fusion surgery – thanks to a course of therapy.

Last year, 19-year-old Daniela Wright, of Tor Rise, Matlock, was diagnosed with scoliosis, which causes the spine to curve excessively to one side

Having always been a good runner, Daniela was devastated when she was told that her spine was rapidly curving to the right and that she would need to undergo a nine hour operation which would involve having metal rods fitted down her back.

Daniela, who works from home as an accountant, said: “When I was first told that I had scoliosis my whole world fell down around me. I lost so much confidence and I thought my only option was to undergo major spinal fusion surgery.

“I can remember thinking that I just wanted the nightmare to be over.”

The keen runner had her heart set on competing on a national level and aspired to a career within sport.

However, she knew that if she had her spine fused it would be practically impossible for her to run again.

It was then that Daniela’s mum Mel discovered a specialist clinic in Suffolk called Scoliosis SOS and booked her daughter in for treatment.

Daniela said: “I didn’t even stop to think that it might not work, I just saw it as my ticket out of having surgery. I knew that I wanted to be able to continue running and I knew that I would have to stop or I would find it very difficult if I had the surgery.

During her four weeks at the clinic earlier this year, Daniela managed to stabilise her condition and has made significant improvements in her posture, physical appearance and lung capacity.

Now back at home, Daniela said: “I feel so much stronger physically and mentally since completing treatment and I am very much looking forward to getting back to my cross country running this summer.”