Joy in garden as path opens

new all weather path opening in Scot's garden, Bakewell
new all weather path opening in Scot's garden, Bakewell

Years of hard work came to fruition when people gathered for the official opening of the new all-weather path in Scot’s Garden on Thursday, July 7.

The new 300m long path, which stretches from Wynn Meadow to Bakewell Bridge, is the culmination of a project a number of years in the making.

Mayor of Bakewell Cllr Frank Hall said: “In doing this work we honour the commitment made when we acquired Scot’s Garden 80 years ago in keeping the meadow as open land as accessible for residents and visitors alike. We have restored year-round use through removing the mud and ruts that bedevilled the old track.”

Cllr Stewart Bartle, chair of the Scot’s Garden Working Party, said: “The initial aim of restoring Scot’s Garden to its former glory as an area favoured by walkers and artists has been realised. The Town Council are implementing a zoned mowing scheme for the meadow as part of its commitment to environmental stewardship.”

The path uses recycled materials to lessen its environmental impact, while labour for the project was sourced from environmental charity Groundworks.

The path has been part-funded by the Town Council, with grants from the county council and support from Bakewell businesses.