Jubilee Bridge restoration to start this spring

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An historic Maltock Bath landmark is finally going to be restored to its former glory.

Restoration work will start on the Jubilee Bridge this summer following a decision by Derbyshire Dales District Council to spend £210,000 doing it up.

The historic bridge was opened in 1887 to commemorate the golden jubilee bridge of Queen Victoria, however in recent years to landmark has fallen into degredation.

The authority had planned to carry out work on the bridge last year, however a number of issues – such as the cost of complying with Environment Agency site requirements – meant it had to be postponed.

The bridge will be closed until June while all the metalwork is blast cleaned and defective metal re–plated.

The entire bridge will also be repainted with a 20–year guarantee. Safety tests will be carried out on the structure.

To make the restoration as authentic as possible, a selective paint ‘scrape’ has taken place to trace the original colour scheme.

The investigation has revealed three or four colours have been used down the years, with the current maroon and cream scheme introduced in 1987. The bridge is now set to be returned to its original mid–green colour.

A council spokesperson said: “We set aside money in last year’s capital programme after local people, traders and the local media correctly made the point that the bridge was in need of refurbishment.

“There were many good reasons why the work had to be postponed last year, but we’re pleased to report that Jubilee Bridge will now get its first facelift since its centenary year over 25 years ago.”