Keep butts out of the beds


When smoking was banned in public houses and shops it presented quite a dilemma for those who are partial to a few drags at the old ‘baccy’. What could they do with the tab ends? I will tell you what they are doing with them.

The town council provided and funded several large planters and throughout the year as the seasons change the displays change with them, and they look delightful. Well, some of them are being used as ashtrays by these who obviously couldn’t care a monkey’s.

It is such a shame, there is no need for it, many of us are putting our efforts into making sure that Matlock remains clean and tidy, and a desirable place to live, while they are polluting and abusing that which is meant to be a pleasure to us all.

The people who bear a part in this thoughtless practice should recognise that together we are the guardians of that which we observe, and that which nourishes our contentment, its rewards are irreplaceable. I ask them to please show a little friendliness towards the environment because our pretty little flowers don’t like it, and neither do I.

It isn’t only our town that is beginning to usher in a cascade of colour, the bluebells are ringing early in Ganlingay Wood, (BBC1, Wednesday, April 13), a drift of beauty that could not be surpassed, and a fine accompaniment to my early morning cuppa.

I wonder how many of your readers joined me in viewing such a noteworthy scene from the Cambridgeshire country side?

Dorothy Corker

The Shortlands