Labour can’t see genuine hardship

In these difficult times where jobs and services are a constant concern to many people living throughout Derbyshire it is a real shame that party politics raises its head and fails to see the hardship of genuine people struggling to make ends meet.

Building a political power base at county hall in Matlock should never overshadow the needs of local Derbyshire folk.

That is why I was disappointed last week when the Labour group at county hall did not support a council tax freeze to ease that burden.

In fact to elude to the rise in fuel prices as a reason for another increase would only put less money in your pockets and endorses their tax and spend policies.

I and the Liberal Democrat group also believe that we cannot continue beyond the medium term without some other means of income generation to protect those who rely on services because of disability, sickness, in care or poverty but we have not reached the stage where efficiencies, wastage and duplication have been exhausted.

Liberal Democrats have taken a long hard look putting fairness and choice as our priority and we have faith in our officers and staff at county hall to deliver those services but not let us forget why the savings have to be made, tax and spend polices by successive Labour governments and the banking crisis that has affected most world economies.

I have never believed you can spend your way out of a financial situation and firmly believe that councillors should act responsibly as they would at home and live within their means, the attitude that its only tax-payers’ money has to stop.

Cllr Steve Flitter

Leader of the Liberal

Democrat group at Derbyshire County Council