Labour condemns council’s youth moves

THE leader of the Labour Group at Derbyshire County Council has condemned the proposed closure of the county’s youth service and announced they would hold a special conference focusing on the crisis affecting young people.

The conference will be addressed by young people, UNITE, local MPs Toby Perkins, Natascha Engel and Dennis Skinner, Rob Johnston, TUC Regional Secretary and Cllr Anne Western, Derbyshire Labour Group leader

The conference will be held at Alfreton Grange School on April 21 from 10am.

Commenting on the proposed closures, Cllr Anne Western said: “Young people are already facing a nightmare scenario of record youth unemployment, the trebling of university tuition fees and the scrapping of the education Maintenance Allowance. They face the awful prospect of being the first generation to be worse off than their parents. And yet this council compounds the misery by closing the youth service.

“That is why we are hosting an open summit to hear directly from Derbyshire’s young people, service providers and specialist guest speakers to start the debate about how to tackle this crisis.

It is clear that the Conservatives are failing the youth service, failing to tackle youth unemployment and failing Derbyshire’s next generation.”