Lack lustre demand at Bakewell market

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It was a weekend of fairly miserable sheep sorting weather coupled with lack lustre demand reduced sheep numbers to 2,016, but there were 575 cattle on parade and there was no slacking of demand for them at the Bakewell market on January 16.

Store and breeding cattle were out in force with a healthy total of 281 on offer. Trade continues a pace with Steers to £1,200, heifers to £1,220 and feeding bulls to £990. In the OTM Department, Bakewell maintains not only a good entry of 124, but very respectable prices.

There were top figures of 186p/kg and £1,629 with the all-important overall average at a very creditable 109.6p. On Friday, January 20, the ‘January sale’ took place with more than 900 cattle and 450 sheep.