Land to be used as extension to Wirksworth cemetery


Councillors have agreed to buy a plot of land in order to extend a cemetery which is currently full.

Derbyshire Dales District Council’s corporate committee discussed the proposal to buy 0.39 hectares of grazing land at Bolehill which adjoins Steeple Arch Cemetery at a meeting last month.

The land came onto the market last year with a guide price of £14,000.

The council’s valuer has subsequently deemed the land to be in accordance which its market value.

The cemetery at Wirksworth, which is owned by Derbyshire Dales District Council, is now full and closed to new burials.

The authority was therefor faced with the challenge of finding a solution to the problem of where burials could take place in the Wirksworth area.

Ground investigations revealed that the site contains a capped mineshaft, as does the existing cemetery, and soil conditions make the land suitable for a cemetery use, subject to planning consent.

In light of these facts, councillors unanimously agreed to buy the land on a freehold basis for future use as an extension to the current cemetery.