Landlord bites back over pub snub

A woman says her family were insulted by Peak District pub bosses after she posted a critical online review.

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 3:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:01 pm
Laura Holdcroft, 28, left a negative online review of the Peacock Inn in Bakewell.

When 28-year-old Laura Holdcroft left a review of the Peacock Inn in Bakewell on Trip Advisor last month, the pub’s chiefs shot back.

The management criticised the family’s appearance, said they were not ‘nice people’ and questioned their ability to afford a room there.

Laura, who is from Stoke, said: “Me, my mum and my sister had planned to book a room but popped in for lunch first to check it out.

Laura Holdcroft, 28, left a negative online review of the Peacock Inn in Bakewell.

“Unfortunately, we left before trying the food due to being put off by the toilets which weren’t flushed and had broken flush buttons.

“As most people on the planet do, we left a note on Trip Advisor which was replied to extremely rudely and targeted very personally about our appearance.

“Obviously the staff need some serious customer service lessons as well as a new plumber and cleaner.”

In her review, Laura also mentioned staff had been eating chips behind the bar when they arrived and that the whole place was ‘dark and uninviting’.

Laura Holdcroft, 28, left a negative online review of the Peacock Inn in Bakewell.

The response from the pub’s management confirmed the problems with the toilets, but didn’t stop there.

It read: “As you rightly say the flush buttons had broken off the flush, but that in no way prevented the toilets from flushing.

“Did you actually try the flush, maybe not being put off by the broken button and someone’s smelly bum!”

The response went on to say that replacement parts had been ordered for the loos but refuted any suggestion the toilets were unhygienic.

“Let me categorically state the ladies toilets at the Peacock are spotless, immaculate even,” it said.

“I would love to - or maybe not - follow a member of your family in your toilet, because having looked at you I doubt very much you could afford a room at the Peacock!”

Laura, who says she visit the Peak District ‘most weekends’ with her family said they were ‘shocked and upset’ by the response and that they would not be visiting again.

A spokesperson for the Peacock Inn said: “The lady has no right to hide behind a pseudonym and slander us like that.

“The toilets are immaculate - the reason they left is that they couldn’t afford the prices.

“We are not cheap - we serve a quality product and it doesn’t suit every pocket.”