Lap up these adorable photos and tales of lovable, huggable, playful pets

Mollie the border terrier. Photo by Sarah Longdon.
Mollie the border terrier. Photo by Sarah Longdon.

Cute videos and photos of your adorable pets have been winging their way to us.

Sarah Stanton Longdon and her sister Martha Gratton both have Border terriers. Sarah, who is a photographer and lives in Milford, shared photos of her 11-year-old pet Neddy meeting Martha’s puppy Mollie.

“Because Neddy is such a lovely gentle old boy, especially with puppies, I took him to my sister’s house in Shottle so they could meet,” said Sarah. “Mollie was very excited to see Neddy and as predicted Neddy was very careful and patient with her, even though she terrorised him for over an hour!

“Mollie finally wore herself out and began to get sleepy - so a good opportunity to take a picture of both of them together.”

Pet owner Leah Roberts of Newbold, Chesterfield, has shared a great photo of her 13-month-old Boston terrier.

She said: “This is our mad Martha, annoying her big brother Badger.

“Martha and Badger get on well. They also have another Boston sister but she’s on cage rest as she’s snapped her back leg and had to have it pinned and plated so unfortunately can’t play with them.”

David Rymell from Sutton in Ashfield sent us a photo of his French bulldog, Hooch. He said: “He’s fifteen months old and we’ve had him from eight weeks.”

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