Leave youth service alone

What Cllr Lewis fails to highlight in his letter is that over 14,000 Derbyshire residents have signed a petition opposing his plans for changes to youth services in Derbyshire and hundreds of people have attended the consultation meetings to voice their objections.

That is not “Labour Party scaremongering,” as he puts it, but the electorate registering their discontent at his plans.

If Cllr Lewis is not aware that DCC youth services have developed over the last 30 years to meet the needs of its users, then he clearly does not have the in depth knowledge he requires to make his decisions.

Cllr Lewis believes that our youth service is closed at weekends and during school holidays.

Once more he displays his lack of knowledge of the workings of the DCC youth service.

Many of our youth workers work regularly in the evenings and at weekends and have done so for many years.

Representatives of the voluntary and community youth services have made it clear that they can not run a quality service on the cheap.

This message has been expressed loud and clear to the Conservative members of our council, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

What the Conservative councillors, and Cllr Lewis in particular, fail to understand is that some services like the youth service can’t be privatised and still meet the interests of the general public.

In a week when the Conservative Party, at a national level, has been proven to be out of touch with the electorate in general, we see that the local Tories are even more detached from the people they proclaim to represent.

So Cllr Lewis, please accept that some services are best left to be run by the professionals. Some services can’t be privatised and sometimes you can be wrong.

Leave our youth services alone.

Andy Botham