Leaving Europe will not solve problems

Whatever problem exists with welfare dependency, leaving the EU is not the solution (Mercury letters, May 9).

Millions of UK citizens live and work in the EU including one of our children.

Any new relationship between the EU and a detached UK will be governed by the principle of reciprocity.

If we restrict the right of any EU citizen to live and work in the UK then exactly the same restrictions will apply to UK citizens living and working in ANY EU country.

Does Chris Wardle really think that trading the rights of millions of UK citizens to live and work in the whole of Western Europe in order to keep out a few hundred thousand Bulgarians and Roumanians is desirable or even feasible?

The “ red tape” to which he refers consequent upon our membership of the EU will not disappear on our exit.

The “ red tape” is there to provide a level playing field for all businesses to compete in the single market.

If we wish to remain in the single market but outside the EU as for instance Norway then we will have to sign up to all the “red tape” as a condition of remaining in the single market as the Norwegians do.

The only difference will be that we will no longer have a say in the formulation of the “red tape”.

Perhaps Chris Wardle would like to leave the singe market ( we might even be ejected as a consequence of leaving the EU ) and he might like to contemplate, for instance, the long term consequences for employment in the wholly foreign owned UK car industry of such a decision.

The taxes to which he refers are presumably the cost of running the talking shop in Brussels.

Perhaps he should remind himself that in the first half of the twentieth century we Europeans murdered each other on an industrial scale and devastated the continent. Give me a talking shop any day.

Peter Hartill


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