Let’s all work on new partnership

It was fantastic to see so many people turn out in the end for Matlock’s first pancake race in the park.

We wanted a bit of light-hearted fun and we got it.

The traders in Matlock and the surrounding area (because Haddon Hall staff came along) are really getting it together these days and it is good news for the town.

The new Town Team were at the event but so were the staff from Robin Farmer’s shop in Causeway Lane – and also the staff at Sainsbury’s.

If the new, long-established and national chain traders can all work together then Matlock will have a future.

A simple event like a pancake race brings a sense of community to a town and it something that Matlock has often lacked in the past.

Let’s build on this new relationship this year and turn our park into a venue for more events for us all.

And as for next year’s Shrove Tuesday we want more team to be challenging the winners Kate and her Cafe In The Park team, or the tiny trophy we presented.

All those of you who chickened out this year need to start planning your tactics!

Amanda Hatfield, editor