Let’s make bridge focus of jubilee

The Jubilee Bridge in Matlock Bath is in a sorry state of repair – of that there is no doubt.

It has been a talking point in the village for many months and the parish council would love to see it restored to its original glory.

It can be done and there are local people who can do it – but it will cost tax payers thousands of pounds.

What we have to decide is do we want our district council to do the job for us?

They have to prioritise what they spend our cash on during the year but in the end it is the residents who are entitled to say what they want to do with their money.

Our heritage is important and so is tourism. It would be fantastic if we could turn this grand bridge into a talking point in the area for this summer’s jubilee events.

It would also be a very fitting tribute to Queen Elizabeth if this bridge was given a facelift in time for her diamond celebrations.

Let us know what you think about the idea.

Amanda Hatfield, editor