Let the people who live in the town have their say

I refer to the article (Matlock Mercury, August 2, 2012, pg 4) “Public consultation exercise important”.

Whatever the self righteous protestations of the Derbyshire Dales District Council’s spokesperson about “significant and serious” commercial sensitivity, the fact remains that the District Council intends to give the people of Matlock absolutely no say in what goes on the site.

Only, if we’re very lucky, whether it has pink or blue window frames. This makes an absolute farce of democracy.

Let the people who live in and use Matlock have a say in what is built. Tell them what each of the five schemes might cost and let them choose.

It is, after all, their money, raised through rates and taxes.

The District Council has none of its own.

If people then choose not to comment, that is their right, albeit a great shame.

This latest situation follows on from a number of controversial local decisions and hot on the heels of the house building on green fields fiasco.

The District Council has been suffering from megalomania for some while and it is time this behaviour was stopped.

The council is here to act on behalf of the people, but not to dictate to them.

Mrs S.C. Wadsley