LETTER: Derbyshire bus cuts are a recipe for isolation

A letter sent in by one DT reader has caused outrage.
A letter sent in by one DT reader has caused outrage.

There is only a week left to respond to Derbyshire County Council’s Survey of supported Bus services.

There is a questionnaire aimed at users available which has been available in libraries since October and the closing date for responses is the 14th December, or go to www.derbyshire.gov.uk/council/have_your_say/consultation_and click on All Consultations scrolling down to Local Bus and Community Transport. 
To and from Matlock all the services to outlying villages are supported : routes 64 110/111/112 140/141 150 172 M2 M3. To and from Ashbourne all services are threatened and so are most of those in and out of Blackwell. 
There are in addition evening and Sunday journeys on other key routes, which run commercially through the day. Including the Trans Peak and the 6.1. 
There is a real risk that Bakewell, Ashbourne and Wirksworth will have no buses at all on a Sunday or any evening. 
Whilst we are fortunate that over 80 per cent of bus services in Derbyshire are run commercially, that is without council support, the rest provide significant services over wide areas of the county. 
In the process a few journeys might continue commercially but equally there could be knock on effects on some existing commercial provision. The residual support to be retained will provide something very limited.
Also the intention is to remove in due course all support from community transport, which provides dial a bus services to enable those unable to use normal bus services. A real recipe for isolation. 
The changes in funding are heralded as part of the difficult decisions that have to be taken as Government reduces finance which requires a saving of £157m in the council’s budget. 
However it seems that public transport support is expected to carry a very high burden and clearly its users are not a priority. It would be a pity if their voice is not heard.

Pro Bon Omnibus