LETTER: Derbyshire County Council listened to residents views on parking

Have your say via comment@derbyshiretimes.co.uk
Have your say via comment@derbyshiretimes.co.uk

It is clear that before he wrote to the Matlock Mercury Ben Fearn had not read the in-depth report that helped us to make our decision not to proceed with a residents’ parking scheme for Matlock.

Had Ben read the report he would have seen a detailed breakdown by street of those either wanting a residents’ parking scheme and those who did not. For example on Hopewell Road four households were in favour, and three were not, on Smedley Street East ten were in favour and ten were not.

We understand that car parking is a difficult issue for Matlock and has been for many years.

Our suggestion was a residents’ parking scheme. But because of the difficult financial times we are in we need all residents’ parking schemes to be self- funding.

I am now talking to residents to see if any of there are any other suggestions that we could look at.

Not lip-service as Ben said - listening to local residents to see how we can work together to make our town a better place.

By Andy Botham, County Councilor, Matlock