LETTER: Derbyshire is blighted by people dumping litter in our towns and countryside


I really feel I must comment on the ever increasing problem of litter in our town and countryside.

Being a member of a weekly walking group it has been noticeable as to the amount of rubbish being deposited in our beautiful county.

On one walk last week,near Elmton, I counted no less than 45 empty wine bottles in the hedgerow, in a matter of 200 metres, all of the same brand! What possesses people to be so thoughtless? All our country lanes are similarly blighted.

The A61 By pass is a disgrace, all the way between Derby to Alfreton on both sides as is the Dronfield bypass.

It was a long time before I realised that what I assumed were discarded bottles of lemonade were, in fact receptacles full of urine again thrown out of car windows for some one else to dispose of by mindless and irresponsible motorists.

At every junction ie Spital, Calow, Temple Normanton, where cars come to a halt it seems litter louts ,having no regard for the environment ,just throw away their refuse.

Since the opening of McDonald’s at junction 29a there has been a constant trail of rubbish all the way into Staveley and beyond.

It is good that staff clear up around the outlet,but that is not the problem. Ask any person who lives near a layby or pull in, and who has to collect discarded food and receptacles of a morning.

I have contacted local authorities as to these issues but as yet not received any replies. I have questioned the frequency of litter clearing and if they are waiting for spring growth to cover over and hide the problem.

I wonder if there are any figures as to the number of prosecutions regarding littering?

I do remember a front page article in the DT commenting on one person being fined for dropping a cigarette end,but that was some time ago, and pales into insignificance as to the bigger picture of mass littering .

Mike Spriggs, Central Drive, Wingerworth.