LETTER: Joined up thinking needed over M1 roadworks

M1 roadworks looking north towards junction 30.
M1 roadworks looking north towards junction 30.

In response to Mr Atkins letter in regard to the M1 hard shoulder conversion.

As a commuter who has travelled on the M1 between Jct 29 and 26 every day for the last eight years, I don’t feel agrieved that that the conversion is taking so long.

Rather I question why it could not have been done at the same time as the original four lane conversion from Jct 28.

That took the best part of two years to complete only for another major upgrade to be started in a relatively short space of time.

Could the Highways Agency not have the foresight to do both conversions at the same time?

As anyone that has had to sit in stationary traffic Northbound on the M1, for up to 90 minutes on a Friday night can attest, some joined up thinking can save an awful lot of time in the long run.

By Simon Barnett.