LETTER: Laws on strikes are too restrictive

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Last week the MP for Derbyshire Dales, Cabinet Minister Patrick McLoughlin, presented the Government’s intention to restrict the right of public sector workers to strike.

He stated that there should be at least 40 per cent in favour of all those eligible to vote, not just those voting, before a strike would be legal.

This would be yet another worsening by this government of some of the most restrictive employment laws in Europe.

This would come on top of the previous assaults, headed by Vince Cable, on trade union redundancy consultation rights and restriction of employees’ ability to take their employer to employment tribunal.

No doubt this policy is related to the further cuts to local authority funding that the government intends to impose. Nobody voted for it at the last election.

Mr McLoughlin might try to argue that a vote for him in 2010 gave him a mandate to reduce the rights of working people.

Ironically, he would have to overlook the fact than less than 40% of those eligible in Derbyshire Dales voted for him!

Angus McLardy.