LETTER: Lime trees on proposed Matlock McDonald’s site should stay

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I wish to voice my strong objection to the proposal, by McDonald’s, of both the purchase of the roadside verge, and more importantly the felling of the lime trees, adjacent to the proposed site for their restaurant on the A6 Bakewell Road.

I am all in favour for a McDonald’s in Matlock and wish them every success in the hope that it will attract more tourists to the town along with other suitable commercial outlets.

The site is in an excellent position and will provide a much needed facility for our younger residents away from residential areas - and with easy access to the town centre. 
But please please don’t give them the right to legal vandalism and flagrant disrespect of our town inthe Derbyshire Dales by the senseless felling of beautiful, mature trees which do much to enhance a somewhat less attractive approach to Matlock and, as with all healthy trees, play a vital part in our environment.

I therefore respectfully ask that a Tree Conservation Order be placed on the said trees.