LETTER: Save Derbyshire’s lollipop men and women

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Last Saturday in Chesterfield, I signed a petition to help save the jobs of the dedicated and brave people who help our children to cross the roads in Chesterfield safely on their way to school.

I understand all councils are feeling the pressures of Government cuts, BUT they always seem to go for what they see as a fast return, the softer areas to cut and save.

What’s a few people cut from the hundreds employed? What will it save in monetary terms, a few thousand the first year? Then where will they go for the next year’s saving?

School crossings are not a softer option, they are an important part of looking after our children.

The people manning these crossings are more than just numbers, they offer a smiley face a child sees first thing. Tthey speak, chat and give a welcome to all who use their crossing.

Children meet their friends there to chat and cross the road safely.

I can hear what the councillors are saying, parents should take their children to school or make other plans.

When we can all be 100 per cent sure that motorists and parents who drive past and park near schools are not just thinking for themselves, then and only then they can think of removing the safest way our children cross the road to school.

Could I make a suggestion to our county council leaders? Whilst the price of fuel is at its lowest, any and all money saved because of this should be put deliberately to one side and used for the sole purpose of keeping our lollipop staff.

This saving must run into thousands for the county.

Also, what are any of the councillors in their posts for?

It is not for their health, it’s because they put themselves forward to help and serve our communities.

The post is hard I understand. Sadly if they cannot save such an important part of children’s safety, then what good are they?

Our lollipop staff, wherever they are in the county, have a role, do a good job and should not be used to save money because someone else has problems with theirs.

Adrian Mather.

Alexandra Road East, Spital.