LETTER: UKIP has tapped into people’s fears.

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UKIP has ‘tapped into people’s fears and concerns’ and blames all our woes on the EU or immigration, according to one of our letter writers this week.

What do you think about the amount of people being allowed to enter the UK - are the majority having positive effects on our nation or should we have tighter border controls?

John Knight writes:

Mr. Clarke’s letter in the Derbyshire Times (UKIP Foothold) belies a deeper threat from UKIP.

Fifty years ago Enoch Powell’s ranting attack on Commonwealth immigration caused political upheaval.
Fifty years on, I believe Nigel Farage puts forward the same philosophy but instead of Commonwealth citizens its European migrants that are blamed for all our ills.

Let’s examine in more detail what UKIP stands for.

The so-called recovery is still three per cen less than in 2007. The working class are being made to suffer for it in spades.

It is not surprising that people are seething, and protesting at the ballot box. UKIP policies however, would make things much worse.

I believe UKIP would have NHS services run by private business - for profit. Roger Helmer UKIP MEP has said, ‘the NHS is a 60-year mistake’.

Farage boasts that he is keeping Thatcherism alive.

UKIP would give bigger tax breaks to millionaires than the Tories. Its 2010 manifesto committed to reducing the public sector by 2 million jobs. UKIP would get rid of workers’ legal rights on redundancy, sick pay, legal rights to four weeks’ holiday. They would scrap apprentices’ entitlement to the minimum wage. They would scrap most workplace health and safety law.

UKIP has tapped into peoples fears and concerns and blames all our woes on the EU or immigration.

Not wanting to be outdone by Farage, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are jockeying to echo similar messages, albeit not so extreme.

It is up to those of us who won’t swallow these ideas to make sure the truth is told about UKIP.