LETTER: Your chance to spread lasting good will

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At this time of year we like to look forward to making resolutions for the year ahead. Even in these uncertain times, most of us can plan ahead with relative confidence, but I’d like to ask your readers to think about those for whom the future might be a cause of nothing but worry.

Millions of people in the UK are disabled or care for a disabled loved one.

In many cases they are bound together 24/7 through the need to give and receive care and are reliant on the support of others to have even the most basic quality of life. We believe that the right to shape one’s own destiny is fundamental to a life with choice and independence.

I work for Revitalise, a wonderful charity that provides much-needed respite holidays for disabled people and carers.

We already know that regular respite is absolutely vital is sustaining a healthy relationship between carer and cared for.

But, at this special time of year, we also wanted to find out about what else was important to disabled people and carers.

So we did some research and found out that eight out of ten are fearful about what the future holds for them.

They told us they were concerned about not getting the support they need from social services, worried about diminishing opportunities to take time off and fearful of ending up isolated and alone. In fact, many told us that things are so bad for them right now that it was better for them in the past.

In this day and age we think this is simply not good enough.

Would your readers like to help Revitalise change this sorry situation?

Our new study clearly shows that disabled people and carers need more respite opportunities - such as the breaks we provide - and we need your help to reach out to them. We already enhance the lives of thousands of disabled people and carers each year through our respite holidays, but there are countless thousands more in need of support.

So please help us by supporting our fundraising appeal. It’s your chance to spread some lasting good will. To find out how, visit www.revitalise.org.uk or call 0303 303 0147.

Colin Brook