LETTERS: Speed plays a major part

posting many letters to red british postbox on street
posting many letters to red british postbox on street

I note that in the October 9 edition of the Mercury the article on danger roads includes Matlock Green.

I live on Butts Drive and am 
always aware that, because of a bend in the Alfreton Road, the view to the left when turning out of the drive is restricted to about 100 yards. 
This is ample if traffic on the A615 is travelling at the 30mph limit but there are occasions of cars travelling at 50, 60 or even 70mph which, because of the restricted view, is very dangerous.

This junction has become extremely busy due to the increased use of the Scout and Guide headquarters by various organisations. Whilst the initiative by the police is welcome it is obvious that they cannot spend much time at each location.

I believe that the best solution would be an illuminated sign showing not only the speed limit but also the actual speed that traffic is doing, similar to the ones at Tansley and Wessington.

There seems to be a much more positive response to such signs from motorists than there is to speed cameras, which tend to be regarded as hostile. Is there any possibility of such a sign being provided?

Sent in by J D Wheatley.

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