Life saving campaign for Derbyshire

Leading first aid charity St John Ambulance is launching a drive to get more life saving defibrillators across Derbyshire.

The charity wants to see more of the machines – which can shock people’s hearts back into action following a cardiac arrest – in businesses, shops, leisure facilities and workplaces across the county.

They are urging employers to get a defibrillator – and the training to use it – to protect their workforce and community.

A recent survey by St John Ambulance revealed that one in five employees know someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest at their workplace.

Mel Fox, regional director for training at St John Ambulance in the Midlands, said: “Every year, thousands of people die of cardiac arrest when first aid could give them the chance to live. Our research shows that currently 72 per cent of businesses don’t have access to an AED, despite 66 per cent of employees believing that employers should reasonably be expected to keep one.”

For more information about AEDs or first aid training through St John Ambulance call 0844 324 5535.