Lighting is not so terrible

At the consultations on the new leisure centre I had expressed concerns over the potential for light pollution as this was (and is) a particular problem with the Sainsbury’s development. I was assured this would be carefully considered.

I was therefore pleased to see how little light overspill was created by the car park lighting when it was installed.

The effect was somewhat spoiled by the bright green glow from the facade lighting, which looked like an oversized filling-station canopy, and was visible from most of Masson hillside round as far as Winster and Birchover!

However, that has recently been switched off, and that has made the new centre blend in to its surroundings very well at night.

So well done on a good lighting design – and I’m sure keeping the green glow switched off will make a useful saving.

I would also hope that once the shiny new roof has been colonised by moss and lichen, that the centre will blend into its background rather better during the day as well.

John Wood