Listening to the public should be welcomed

So Darley Dale Town Councillor John Evans is angry because District Councillors decided to reduce the priority of the Asker Lane site after “immense public opposition”. What does he imagine public consultation is for if not to find out what the public think?

He is quoted in the Mercury as saying: “because of all the banner waving at Asker Lane, all the Matlock councillors started getting edgy and worried about their election prospects”. Well, I have never seen a single banner at Asker Lane, but he himself has achieved a banner headline on the front page, along with a picture of himself.

No doubt allowing building on the Asker Lane site would be a vote loser, but the contributions of all the councillors, of all political parties, at the meeting showed that they had examined the issues thoroughly and come to a very sensible conclusion; without the necessity for any banners — and there were no disruptions.

Really, we should all be very pleased at signs that a public consultation is being taken seriously.

John Williams

Via email