Litter louts spoil prized Matlock facility

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Litter louts and yobs are spoiling a prized Matlock facility - claims a Mercury reader.

Mark Percival said he was “ashamed” to see Dimple Fields in Matlock in such a state after a football match on Saturday.

He added: “I was very ashamed to see our lovely field in such a sorry state as I walked my dog and watched my daughter play on the outdoor equipment.

“It seems that no one had the decency to pick up one single item of rubbish (some of which lay next to the bins) as I watched them make their way to their vehicles.”

He added: “Why do local people have to suffer this indignant and disrespectful behaviour week upon week, not to mention the foul language hollered across the pitch requiring me to cover my daughters ears upon passing?”

Derbyshire Dales District Council said they would be taking action.

A spokesman added: “We are proud to maintain Dimple Fields - one of more than 30 open spaces, parks and gardens we look after across the Derbyshire Dales - and have a hire agreement in place that requires teams using our facilities to take away litter with them and tidy up after use.

“After receiving this report, we have issued a reminder to teams of this obligation. However, on this occasion we’ve asked our own Clean and Green team to make the area tidy.”