Live music? No thankyou

As one of the relevant parties with regard to the licence application (Live music for former village shop), I was invited to speak at the hearing.

It would be helpful to all concerned if you would publish all the facts relevant to this, rather than the distorted view from the licence applicant, Mr Oliver Kemp.

You do not publish the fact that this application was discussed and rejected by Tansley Parish Council as “totally unsuitable in a village such as Tansley” for several reasons, ie, no parking facilities at the premises, noise from music and outdoor diners, odour from cooking smells, late night drinking etc, following receipt of a petition from 18 local residents living near to the premises.

Also that the Parish Council letter of objection to Derbyshire Dales District Council was not delivered on time so was not deemed relevant at the hearing, doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of objections to this from Tansley residents and they will be taken forward to any future planning application for change of use of premises.

At our village meeting with Mr Kemp it was obvious that his business plans extend far beyond a village shop and tea rooms.

The licence granted enables him to open the premises until 11.30pm every evening, serve food outdoors until 8.30pm and serve alcohol for consumption both on and off the premises until 11pm, seven days a week, all in the midst of a quiet residential area.

We already have three pubs in Tansley, with adequate parking facilities, all serving meals, and one running a take away/delivery service, for a village of only 900 residents (including children).

Rhoda Hamer