Loading bay is needed on road

As I travel to work between 7.30 and 8am each morning I sometimes drive from Causeway Lane up Firs Parade. On more than one occasion I have seen lorries parked illegally and block the road. This morning I was a victim of this behaviour when a Warburton lorry was delivering to Iceland and the Co-op store opposite. There was a van parked on the opposite side from the lorry but that was parked in a parking bay.

After a lengthy debate the driver (who was polite throughout and ultimately did apologise and agree that he had caused the problem) agreed to move his lorry; by this time there were a number of cars behind me. Ironically as soon as the driver agreed to move the van driver appeared and moved his vehicle which meant that it was possible to continue along the road.

I have some sympathy with the driver and feel that some way of resolving this issue needs to be found. (I have contacted Iceland, the Co-op and the Matlock Police about this). I wonder if other people have found the same problem?

I would like to thank the woman pedestrian who stopped to ask what the problem was; she was very helpful.

Annette Lowe