Local plan reveals homes target for the Dales

Derbyshire Dales District Council, Matlock.
Derbyshire Dales District Council, Matlock.

Derbyshire Dales District Council has completed it's initial consultation, revealing residents want to see as little building as possible.

Warned about the dire need for housing, Derbyshire Dales residents have had their say on new homes targets in the latest stage of the district's local plan development.

And the people have spoken - given the option of three targets for new homes, 5,300, 6,440 or 7,200, the majority opted for the smallest number.

Councillors will next week consider the target figure for new homes that need to be built in the Derbyshire Dales by the year 2033, which was raised by council consultants to of 6,440 , if the district is to meet the changing economic and social needs of the future.

It follows an initial six-week consultation exercise at the end of last year - the first milestone on a new timetable that should see a new draft Derbyshire Dales Local Plan published for further public consultation soon.

And at a meeting on January 12, councillors will be asked to formally set an Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) for housing in the period 2013-33.

Officers are still recommending that the District Council’s Local Plan Advisory Committee sets at OAN of 6,440.

But a lack of available development land in the Dales means councillors could opt for a lower figure - 5,847 new homes - in setting an actual provisional housing target. If the lower figure is approved, Derbyshire Dales would speak to neighbouring authorities about helping to meet the shortfall.

The council asked every household int he district to fill out a questionaire to have their say on various issues, and a total of 405 survey responses were received from individuals, parish councils, agents and developers on the new homes figure.

The big question was whether residents agreed with the 6,440 OAN figur - almost 55 per cent of respondents went for the lowest figure, nearly 29 per cent agreed with the 6,440 OAN target proposed by District Council consultants and over 16 per cent opted for the highest figure.

Independent analysis predicts a population growth of 8.4% in the district over the 20-year Plan period, starting from 2013. Economic growth up to 2033 could also see around 1,700 new jobs delivered across the district, requiring an additional 57 dwellings on top of demographic needs. Additional homes to address the district's affordable housing need takes the new homes estimate to around 6,440.

Of that number, 2,000 new houses have already been built or have the benefit of planning permission. It is anticipated a further 400 new homes will be built by 2033 in parts of the Derbyshire Dales that lie inside the Peak District National Park, which is not part of the Local Plan area.

The full report can be viewed online at www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/committee