Make our roads safe for bikers

This week has sadly seen several people injured in motorbike accidents on our roads.

The Peak District is a Mecca for bikers and every year the county council mounts a campaign raising the awareness of drivers to the bikers’ existence and also warning those in the hot seat of the dangers around the corner.

The weather has improved, spring is here and more bikers will be tempted to dust off their machines at the weekends.

The problem is that once out on the road, however careful they or motorists are, they face a minefield in the guise of potholes.

Obviously the circumstances of all this week’s accidents will be different and none may have been caused by the state of the roads but that in itself is a miracle.

The terrible winter weather has taken its toll on our roads and many of them are in much worse condition than last year.

On some of the lanes which bikers enjoy, it is more like a third world country than the British countryside.

I speak with some experience, as while I don’t actually take responsibility for a bike, I do ride pillion, and believe me it is sometimes very scary trying to avoid the holes in front of you.

Swerving to miss them is not much of an option if you want to stay alive on a bike.

If we are to avoid accidents this summer as more and more bikers arrive in the county then the council needs to do some urgent repairs.

Cost is an issue no doubt but if even one person dies this year because of the state of the roads that will be one too many.

Amanda Hatfield, editor