Make sure you have your say

Few subjects cause more controversy than the building of new homes on green fields surrounding our towns and villages.

We have known for months that we need to build new homes in the Dales and this week it has been revealed which sites have been earmarked for the development.

Some readers will be breathing a huge sigh of relief that they are not next door to them – others will possibly be upset to find out the green fields they are used to seeing out of their windows will now be covered over by bricks and mortar.

There will be accusations of Nimbyism and some heated debates I have no doubt, but hopefully in the end an agreement will be reached.

What is really important is that everyone gets involved in the debate during the six week consultation period.

You must have your say however futile you think it might be. If you don’t you will never know if you could have influenced the outcome and we would be in danger of losing our democratic right to comment by allowing the mandarins to believe we are not interested so that in the future they don’t ask.

Debate is healthy let’s not be afraid of it.

Amanda Hatfield, editor