Make sure YOUR voice is heard

Future Development: The Bakewell Road development site in Matlock.
Future Development: The Bakewell Road development site in Matlock.

Many people registered their opposition to the proposal for a large supermarket as a key part of the Bakewell Road redevelopment and to the secretive and shoddy process by which the project was being conducted.

The opportunity now exists for folk to say what they WOULD like via the home page of Derbyshire Dales District Council.

Under ‘Get Involved’ you can click on ‘Bakewell Road’, then click ‘Public Consultation’, then click ‘Have Your Say’.

At the bottom of the section ‘27 February Open Forum’ click onto ‘online questions’ where you can enter your response to each of the councils three questions.

To see what others have suggested go back to ‘Bakewell Road’ and click on ‘Online responses to questionnaire’, but please do not let these stop anyone from expressing the same ideas - weight of numbers is very revealing.

All of this is not a totally satisfactory situation as many people may not have access, or inclination to use, the internet.

This, however, is all the council is offering, so we urge everyone who does have access to the internet to continue the magnificent effort made by so many people on 27 February last and let the Council know what we DO want.

Mick Murray and John Tresadern

Via email