Make them clear up their mess

Bored teenagers with nowhere to go is not a new problem and one common to most market towns and villages.Hounding them from one meeting place to another is never constructive but is so often the case as nearby residents complain and police are called out.

Most people can see both sides of the argument and feel sorry for both the youths and residents – until of course it happens on their doorstep.

That’s what has just happened to us here in Firs Parade.

The car park at the rear of the shops has become the latest meeting place for the town’s teenagers – not in itself a problem – but unfortunately it is now starting to resemble a landfill site.

It was never the most tidy of venues – but I have never seen so many empty energy drinks bottles and sweet wrappers cast carelessly to the ground.

Of course the town council and the police are now on to it and there is talk of locking off the car park.

We have no objection to the young people meeting in the car park in the evenings – although why they wouldn’t want to be in the park is a mystery to me – but why on earth do they have to leave behind their rubbish?

It seems that they simply have no respect for their own environment and community.

Maybe instead of forcing us to consider locking the car park to keep them out, the authorities should simply get the youths to clean up the mess.

Amanda Hatfield, editor