Maligning city is lazy stereotyping

As a Glaswegian who has been resident in Derbyshire for nearly twenty years, I was surprised and delighted to learn from a report on page 7 of last week’s Mercury that an expert in my home city’s architectural heritage not only lives in our county, but is one of our elected representatives.

I was however intrigued. What specific feature of the building plans of the proposed development at the former Gracelands Garden Centre convinced Councillor Bevan that its style resembled that of a Glasgow slum, rather than that of any other city? Her keen design eye clearly eliminated any similarity to a Sheffield slum.

This is fortunate, as she does represent one of its affluent satellite commuter communities.

Heaven forbid any associated blight on house prices for her constituents by an admission that their mother city might have areas of sub-standard housing, just like every other UK conurbation.

Or perhaps, rather than architectural expertise, this maligning of my native city was just lazy and racial stereotyping of the sort casually practised by many of our privileged political class, whatever party they represent.

Barry Hazelwood