Man assaulted his partner in a row over sex

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A Glossop man who assaulted his partner in a row over sex has been given a community order.

Paul Rowley and fiancee Kelly Cornell were at their Dinting Vale home on March 14 with their three children, High Peak Magistrates’ Court heard.

The couple consumed two bottles of wine before going to bed, when Rowley lay on top of Ms Cornell and began making sexual advances towards her. She told him to get off, before slapping him to the side of the head, prosecutor Jennifer Fitzgerald said. He then punched her three times to the lower back and buttock area before lifting her by the hair and throwing her on the ground.

Ms Cornell tried to call police but Rowley prevented her from doing so until two days later when she and the children left Glossop and went to her mother’s address in Essex, Mrs Fitzgerald said.

Rowley, 39, admitted assault by beating.

Representing himself in court, he said he did not pull Ms Cornell’s hair or stop her calling police.

He was given a 12-month community order with supervision, an alcohol specific activity requirement and 120 hours’ unpaid work. He must also pay £85 costs, a £60 surcharge and £100 compensation to Ms Cornell.