Man exposed himself to barmaid

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A man landed himself on the sex offenders register after exposing his genitals to a barmaid.

Neal Cooper, of Edensor Avenue, Buxton, was convicted after trial at High Peak Magistrates’ Court of exposure.

John Cooper, prosecuting, said the 27–year–old had entered a Buxton pub on the evening of May 21 with a friend when the landlord told him he would not serve him.

When the defendant asked why, the landlord said it was because the last time he had gone to the pub he had exposed his genitals.

Cooper went to leave the pub, however before doing so turned to the barmaid.

The prosecutor, reading an account from the barmaid, added: “He then pulled his jeans down with his right hand, while holding his shirt up with his left hand.”

In her account, the barmaid said the defendant then started to wave his genitals about.

“He was looking straight at me while he was doing this,” the barmaid added.

“The whole incident made me feel violated.

“I feel disgusted he would do that to myself and other women at the bar.”

Cooper said he had not been granted legal aid because he had a full time job, meaning he had been unrepresented in court during his trial.

Defending himself, he claimed there had been discrepancies between his version of events and those of the prosecutor.

Cooper said he was living with his partner in rented accommodation with four children.

He was given a 12–month community order with a requirement to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

He was ordered to pay £100 each in compensation to the barmaid and the pub landlord, as well as a £60 victim surcharge and £300 court costs.

Cooper was placed on the sex offenders register for five years.