Man kept CS gas beneath his duvet

From the courts
From the courts

A man kept a dangerous CS gas canister hidden under his bed, a court heard.

Police found the bottle after searching Luke Musgrove’s bedroom for cannabis on 18 November last year.

After being called to the house, the police found three men and strong smell of the drug.

The search of Musgrove’s room found the bottle hidden beneath his duvet.

Steve Brint, defending, told Chesterfield Magistrates Court that Musgrove, of Ridgeway, Langwith Junction, had found the canister in a cupboard had put it under his bed to stop his brothers children playing with it - but he did not use it himself.

Musgrove, 20, was ordered to do 140 hours unpaid work.

Deputy District Judge Andrew Davison told Musgrove: “I’m satisfied there is no evidence you used or intended to use the CS gas.

“It should only be used by the police in extreme circumstances and it should not be under the bed.

“Thankfully you were not foolish enough to use it.”