Man punched woman during family flare-up

FAMILY tensions led to a Matlock man punching a woman in the mouth in a bar, a court heard.

Victim Charlotte Garside’s boyfriend was the half-brother of Jonathan Slater and there was a dispute between the two men.

Ms Garside told police she was in Harvey’s at 12.45am on June 16 and saw Slater (32) at the bar.

“She thought he was following her around and she spoke to him about it. He then punched her hard in the mouth, which started to bleed,” prosecutor Becky Mahon told magistrates at Chesterfield.

A friend, Ben Crowder, thought Slater was going to hit her again and he intervened, punching him in the face.

Mr Crowder stated that Ms Garside told Slater: “Leave it. Enough’s enough.” Slater punched her and she looked stunned and began crying.

“She put her hand up to her face and he drew his hand back again. I thought the only way to defend her was to strike him,” added Mr Crowder.

Slater was arrested and told police: “I hope she dies of cancer. I hate her and all of them.”

Ms Mahon said: “He says she verbally abused him and he punched her and then another lad hit him in the face.”

Slater, of Hurst Rise, Matlock, admitted assault. He had previous convictions for a similar offence and disorder in a police station.

The bench imposed a one-year probation supervision order and a 7pm-7am curfew for three months.

“There is a long-standing family background to this matter,” said Felicity Clarke, for Slater.