Mark of approval for Derbyshire charity

A Derbyshire based charity has been awarded a quality assurance mark.

YMCA Derbyshire has been awarded the CredAbility mark by The Disability Syndicate.

The mark is developed with disabled and older people to provide peace of mind for customers using direct payments to purchase goods and services from independent providers.

The mark is designed to allow providers of goods and services, such as YMCA Derbyshire, an opportunity to demonstrate to disabled and older people that they are suitably experienced and qualified to deliver the services they advertise. 

For customers, the mark provides assurance that the providers goods and services have been accredited by an independent third party; confidence that the services they purchase are delivered by individuals with the appropriate level of skills and competence; and the opportunity to provide feedback and share experiences of the service they have received.

For further information on the CredAbility mark visit