LUNCHEON CLUB: The ladies of Matlock Luncheon Club enjoyed another excellent lunch in June and were then fascinated by Pollyanna Pickering speaking about ‘The Red Wolves of Ethiopia’ with beautiful slides to illustrate her talk.

She and her daughter, who acts as her photographer, companion and helper, had travelled to Ethiopia to paint these rare creatures in their natural habitat.

Only about 400 of these beautiful animals are left in the wild and none in captivity.

They live in a remote National Park in the mountains and the audience was taken on the hazardous journey there through a series of slides indicating how living conditions gradually became more primitive.

Pollyanna and Anna- Louise ended their journey at a research station in the park, which was far from luxurious, but they were lucky to get to see some wolves and even their cubs.

The handsome wolves are reddish in colour and blend in with the red rocks and boulders in the area making them difficult to spot. They also made friends with a local woman who invited them to her very basic home and was most hospitable.

Later they visited a small walled Muslim town near the Somali border as guests of a local philanthropist, who lived in a house decorated with beautiful artefacts.

He took them to an orphanage for about 100 very poor children which he supported. They are planning to send them clothes, as the children often had nothing to change into.

The most intriguing thing about this town was that every evening a man sat outside the walls of the town to feed hyenas, which came and took meat from his hands and even his mouth. Our intrepid travellers did the same, which was very daring indeed.

Marjorie Ford thanked the speaker for her fascinating story and the lovely pictures.