Matlock drugs raid couple slam cops over salt seizure

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A couple whose house was the target of a drugs raid has hit out at police intelligence, claiming nothing was seized – except a bag of salt.

Police smashed down the door of Samantha Wood and Leon Hinton’s property in Rutland Street, Matlock, just as they were waking and getting their children’s breakfast ready.

Officers with sniffer dogs then searched the house .

Samantha said: “We don’t take drugs, so had nothing to hide. But the children were really scared and I don’t think it was necessary to smash the door down.

“It makes me wonder just how incompetent the police intelligence is.”

The couple were asked for their phones so police could take them away for analysis.

When they refused, officers said they faced being arrested as a bag of white crystals had been discovered in Samantha’s handbag.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Samantha. “They were referring to a bag of salt – with accompanying solution and instructions – to keep a new piercing clean.”

Samantha eventually agreed to hand her phone to police. Her partner, however, did not and was arrested and ‘street bailed’ on the scene.

In the wake of the raid, social services requested that the couple, both 26-years-old, be drugs tested. Both tests came back clear.

Leon said: “We understand that the police have got to do their jobs, but we didn’t have a front door for weeks and we’ve got three young children.”

Leon said: “Since this raid I’ve taken my new front door key to the police station, so if they ever want to raid us again I won’t have to pay another £150 for the pleasure.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Police said: “We can confirm that we carried out a warrant, issued by a magistrate, at a house on Rutland Street in Matlock.

“The premises and adult occupants of the house were searched, in accordance with the law, and a bag of white crystals was discovered. That substance has been sent for chemical analysis.

“No charges have been brought against the couple but police inquiries are continuing and the man remains on bail.”