Matlock family remain hopeful of taking seriously ill young son on dream holiday

A Matlock family say they remain hopeful of taking their seriously ill son on a dream holiday to Disneyland Paris - despite the three-year-old being diagnosed with a new rare brain condition.

Wednesday, 12th October 2016, 2:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 5:21 pm
Morgan Gray and his parents Stephen and Hayley

Generous community members rallied to raise more than £12,000 after youngster Morgan Gray was found to have tumours on his brain and spine last year.

Morgan suffers from posterior fossa syndrome (PFS) - a condition which occurs after surgery on the brain and affects speech, body movements, emotions and learning.

He also has a problem with his fourth ventricle in his brain, which can cause the brain to drain too quickly or too slowly.

Morgan Gray and his mother Hayley

Experts have told the family that they have never come across this condition before.

His parents Stephen and Hayley, of Mettesford, told the Mercury that a meeting with health experts next month will determine whether or not they can go ahead and plan for the holiday next year.

“It has been the worst year for us,” Hayley, said.

“It has made us all closer as a family.

Morgan Gray and his mother Hayley

“We are all coping the best we can.

“It would mean everything to take the children to Disneyland.

“They are all really looking forward to it.”

The family will meet with specialists on November 11 to discuss what the plan of action is for Morgan’s treatment regarding his fourth ventricle and how they move forward from here.

Hayley, 29, said: “The specialists say they have never comes across this before.

“It is a bit daunting.

“Sometimes he wakes up and he can’t drink but other times he can eat.

“It is very hit and miss and varies day to day.”

The staggering amount of £12,300 was raised through a number of events including a Christmas party, sponsored walks and cake stalls.

The family have been close to going to Disneyland on a number of occasions but have not been able to officially book the trip because of Morgan’s treatment.

However, Stephen and Hayley are hoping to take Morgan next year along with their children Jayden, eight, Regan, six, Ashleigh, eight and one-year-old Heidi.

Stephen, also 29, said: “The last year has been very difficult for us, but we have got to get on with it for Morgan’s sake.”

“We have got the money to go to Disneyland after the fundraising but Morgan has not been physically well enough to go yet.

“Morgan is in pain pretty much 24 hours a day.”

Morgan, who enjoys everything to do with cars, is now attending at Nagle Nursery. Chesterfield Road, Matlock.

Stephen said: “Morgan is managing to do a couple of hours at a time and he is enjoying it.”

Hayley added: “It is great that he is doing something normal and mixing with other children.

“He goes on a Monday and a Friday.”

Stephen and Hayley said they are “overwhelmed” with the support they have received.

“We could not believe it at the time,” Stephen added. “It was really nice of everyone to rally round and help us.”